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Length Change of Hardened Concrete and Hydraulic-Cement Mortar (UTC-1153)

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Hardened Concrete Testing

StandardsASTM-C157, C1105

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UTC-1153One Gang Shrinkage Mould 75x75x285 mm
UTC-1155Two Gang Shrinkage Mould 75x75x285 mm
UTC-1161One Gang Shrinkage Mould 100x100x285 mm
UTC-1170Large Type Digital Length Comparator
UTCM-0034Spare Steel Insert, pack of 12 pieces
UTCM-0034Reference Rod, 295 mm long
UTCM-0662ATamper, Hardwood 13x25x150mm
UTC-0410Tamping Rod Ø:10×300 mm


  • The moulds are used for preparing the specimens for the purpose of determining the length changes (shrinkage/expansion) in hardened concrete and hydraulic cement mortar.
  • All moulds surfaces are protected with anti-corrosion oil.
  • Also, all parts of the moulds are matchmarked.
  • The moulds are supplied complied with the steel inserts screwed on.
  • According to all standardized test methods for determining the length changes under different conditions, the moulds are used together with the any UTEST Length Comparators (UTC-1170) fits the specimens’ sizes.
  • UTC-1170 Large Type Digital Length Comparator can be used cement/concrete prisms up to 100mm width Adjustable beam height (except dial gauge) is 365mm and 220mm horizontal clearance).
  • UTC-1170 Consists of a 12.7×0.001 mm graduated digital dial gauge which is mounted on a steel frame.
  • Reference rod and other equipment be should ordered separately.
Product CodeUTC-1153UTC-1155UTC-1161UTC-1170
Dimensions390x120x90 mm390x120x90 mm390x240x120 mm390x240x120 mm
Weight (approx.)13 kg25 kg17 kg17 kg

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