Kinetic model: flywheel (TM 612)

investigation of uniformly accelerated rotational motion



  • The resistance with which a rigid body opposes a change to its rotation is indicated by the mass moment of inertia.
  • It is a measure of the inertia of a body in rotation.
  • Using the TM 612kinetic model, we can conduct basic experiments on uniformly accelerated rotational motion.
  • The experimental unit comprises a flywheel with shaft, a cable and a set of weights.
  • The shaft forms the axis of rotation in the centre of gravity of the flywheel.
  • It is mounted on two bearings.
  • One end of the cable is attached to the shaft.
  • A weight is attached to the other end.
  • The attached weight sets the flywheel in a uniformly accelerated motion.
  • The time needed to roll down is measured and compared to the times for other weights.
  • The mass moment of inertia of the flywheel is calculated from the measured time, the mass of the flywheel and the acceleration distance.
  • The experimental unit is designed to be fixed to a wall.

Technical Details:


  • investigate the inertia of a flywheel
  • generate a uniformly accelerated rotational motion of the flywheel
  • driven by weights
  • influence of weight on time taken to roll down
  • measure the time and the acceleration distance
  • determine the mass moment of inertia
  • bracket for wall mounting

Technical Data:

  • Flywheel
    • diameter: 300mm
    • thickness: 40mm
    • mass: 22,2kg
  • Shaft
    • diameter: 22mm
  • Weight for the drive
    • 1x 1N (hanger)
    • 4x 1N
    • 3x 5N

Dimensions & Weight:

  • L x W x H: 250x350x1500mm
  • Weight: approx. 30kg

Learning Objections/Experiments:

  • determine the mass moment of inertia by experiment
  • dynamic fundamental law of rotational movement

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 experimental unit
  • 1 set of weights
  • 1 set of instructional material


  • investigation of uniformly accelerated rotational motion


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