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Jaw Crusher 90mm to 2mm (LAG450)

Jaw Crusher 90mm to 2mm (LAG450)

To EN1744 part 1

Code LAG450
Other Standards EN1744-1
Weight (kg) 300
Tariff 902480 90
  • Material feed size <90 mm ¨C
  • Grind size d90 <2mm
  • Complies with EN1744 part 1
  • Used for the rapid, gentle crushing and pre-crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials.
  • Efficiency and safety makes them ideal for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants.
  • Jaw crushers are particularly suitable for the preparation of rocks, minerals, ores, glass, ceramics, construction materials, brittle metal alloys, slag, synthetic resins and many other hard, brittle substances.
  • High throughput, high degree of size reduction
  • High final fineness (down to d90 <2 mm)
  • Continuous gap width setting
  • Scale for gap width display
  • Zero point adjustment for wear compensation
  • Particularly economical
  • Breaking jaws made of 4 different materials
  • No-rebound feed hopper with quick-release clamp
  • Brake motor with safety switch
  • Easy-to-clean crushing chamber

Continuous gap width adjustment and display

  • The gap width is set using an analogue scale.
  • This means that reproducible crushing processes are possible, particularly since it is possible to compensate for wear.

Zero-point adjustment to compensate for wear

  • With jaw crushers whose gap width can only be set in fixed steps, compensation for wear is not possible.
  • This means that re-producibility can no longer be assured.
  • This Jaw Crusher can be continuously adjusted and therefore breaking jaw wear can be compensated.
  • This is done by slowly altering the gap width setting with the motor running until the breaking jaws are heard to come into contact.
  • The new zero point thus obtained is saved by readjusting the scale.
  • Robust design, simple handling and cleaning are features of the LAG450.
  • For small amounts of sample the jaw crushers can be used batch-wise; for larger amounts they can be operated continuously.
  • Neutral-to-analysis results are ensured by four different types of material for the breaking jaws and wearing plates.
  • The interior of the no-rebound feed hopper cannot be accessed by hands.
  • It is hinged so that the crushing chamber is easily accessible for cleaning.
  • Only a few steps are needed to exchange the breaking jaws and clean the jaw crusher.
  • The crushed sample is collected in a removable collector.
  • For larger amounts or continuous crushing operations, the sample collector can be replaced by customer-specific solutions.
  • The grinding chamber is enclosed almost dust-tight.
  • By the aid of the connector for dust removal, any fine dust which could contaminate the sample or the work environment can be collected in an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • A safety switch and brake motor ensure an immediate stop if the unit is opened or switched on incorrectly.
  • A Belleville spring washer integrated in the spindle adjustment provides additional overload protection.
  • The eccentric spindle, which moves the crushing arm is driven by a robust brake motor via V-belts.
  • The largest belt pulley also acts as the flywheel to ensure uniform and smooth operation.
  • The LAG450 Jaw Crusher is supplied with a grooved set of Manganese steel breaking jaws.
  • Manganese steel is a material whose structure becomes compressed under pressure and becomes harder with time (cold hardening).


Applications coarse and pre-crushing
Feed material medium-hard, hard, brittle, tough
Material feed size* <90mm
Grind size d90 <2mm
Collector capacity 5 litres
Throughput* 300kg/h
Jaw width 100 x100mm
Gap width setting 0 ¨C30mm
Gap width display Analogue
Zero point adjustment Yes
Hinged hopper Yes
Dust extraction unit Included
Power consumption 1500W
W x H x D 450 x 1160 x900mm
Net weight 300kg approx.
Feed material Marble gravel
Feed size 40 ¨C80mm
Set gap width <1mm
Final particle size <5mm

* Depending on sample and gap width setting

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