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J-Ring, Narrow Gap, EN (UTC-0520E)

Fresh Concrete Testing

StandardsEN 12350-12, 12350-8

Product Codes:

UTC-0520EJ-Ring, Narrow Gap
UTC-0522ESlump Cone for UTC-0520
UTC-0524Base Plate, Stainless Steel, for J-Ring and Slump-Flow Tests
UTC-0526ESteel Weighted Collar, 9 kg, EN for Slump Cone On J-Ring or Slump Flow Test


  • The J-Ring Test is used for determining the passing ability, the flow spread and the t500Jflow time of self-compacting concrete as the concrete flows through the J-Ring Apparatus.
  • The UTC-0520E J-Ring Narrow Gap with Ø18mm x 16 smooth bars is manufactured from stainless steel.
  • The UTC-0522E Slump Cone is made from sheet steel protected against corrosion, with diameters; top 100 mm, base 200 mm and with a height of 300 mm.
  • The UTC-0524 Base Plate is made of stainless steel with engraved circles of 210 mm and 500 mm diameter conforming to EN 12350-8.
  • The UTC-0526E Steel weighted collar is used to stabilize the slump cone on J-Ring or slump flow tests.
  • Minimum apparatus for the J-Ring Test are J-Ring with narrow gap (UTC-0520E) and slump cone (UTC-0522E)
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTC-0520E350x350x140 mm10 kg
UTC-0522E200x200x300 mm2 kg
UTC-0524920x920x8 mm21 kg
UTC-0526E250x250x50 mm10 kg

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