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LESCON-CRUC-5620Tiegel Crucible, 40mm dia, 40mm height, 1.5mm thick, 55g1
LESCON-CRUC-5630Deckel cover, For 40mm crucible, 16g1
LESCON-CRUC-5621Tiegel Crucible, 45mm dia, 40mm height, 1.5mm thick, 63g1
LESCON-CRUC-5631Deckel cover, For 45mm crucible, 18g1
LESCON-CRUC-5622Tiegel Crucible, 48mm dia, 36mm height, 2.0mm thick, 78g1
LESCON-CRUC-5632Deckel cover, For 48mm crucible, 22g1
LESCON-CRUC-5623Tiegel Crucible, 50mm dia, 45mm height, 1.5mm thick, 82g1
LESCON-CRUC-5633Deckel cover, For 50mm crucible, 22g1
LESCON-CRUC-5624Tiegel Crucible, 60mm dia, 50mm height, 1.5mm thick, 106g1
LESCON-CRUC-5634Deckel cover, For 60mm crucible, 28g1

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