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IP & ASTM Thermometers (UTGT-2000)

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  • UTEST supplies ASTM and IP Thermometers listed below which are in accordance with the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Institute of Petroleum (IP) and British Standards (BS).
  • While these thermometers were designed for use in specific tests many of them are used in other applications when precision thermometers are required.
Product CodeIP Ref.ASTM Ref.Range (°C)GraduationImmersionDimensionsWeight
UTGT-200038C23 to 270.1 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-200576C10 to 550.5 °C93 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-20108C0 to 440.2 °C65 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-201542C-38 to +300.5 °C250 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-20205C7C-2 to 3001 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-20256C8C-2 to 4001 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-203015C9C-5 to 1100.5 °C57 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-203516C10C90 to 3702 °C57 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-204028C11C-6 to 4002.0 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-204547C13C155 to 1700.5 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-205060C15C-2 to 800.2 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-205561C16C30 to 2000.5 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-205717C19 to 270.1 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-206520C33C-38 o 420.2 °C50 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-207059C35C90 to 1700.2 °C50 mm30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-207535C47C58.6 to 61.40.05 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-208057C-20 to 500.5 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-208563C63C-8 to 320.1 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-209063C110C133.6 to 136.40.05 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg
UTGT-209563C113C-1 to 1750.5 °CTotal30x30x300 mm0.1 kg

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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