Ion Exchange Apparatus (UTS-0280)

Ion Exchange Apparatus (UTS-0280)

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Soil Classification
Code UTS-0280
Standard BS1377-3
UTS-0280 Ion Exchange Apparatus
UTS-0282 Ion Exchange Resin 500 g
  • The UTS-0280 Ion Exchange Apparatus when used together with UTS-0282 Ion Exchange Resin, is used to determine the sulphate content of aqueous soil extracts and ground water.
  • The apparatus consists of an ion exchange column of 10 mm diameter and 400 mm long, swan-neck outlet and a 1500 ml round bottom flask to give a constant head.
  • The apparatus is supplied assembled on a stand.
  • UTS-0282 Ion Exchange Resin, 500 g should be ordered separately.



Dimensions 200x100x600 mm 100x100x100 mm
Weight (approx.) 5 kg 0,5 kg

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