Material Testing Laboratory Equipment


PP/ PVC, LPW548 is a tough 12 litres autoclavable tray for a variety of uses. Can hold 18 x 500 ml or 12 x 1 Litre bottles.

  • LPW952 is a strong PVC tray for holding sample bottles with base diameter not greater than 22 mm.
  • Ideal for 7 ml (1/4oz) Bijou bottles or specimen tubes.
  • Each of nine rows can hold 12 of such bottles making a total capacity of 126.
CodeMaterialEmplacements mmDim. mmExt. dim. mm
LPW548PPLt 12345 x 510 x 110510 x 350 x 105
LPW952PVCrows300 x 355 x 42350 x 300 x 40

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