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Hoek Triaxial Cell (UTR-0455)

Strength and Deformability Tests


Product Codes:

UTR-0455Hoek Triaxial Cell BX (42.04 mm dia.)
UTR-0456Spare Sealing Sleeves, BX (42,04 mm dia.) for Hoek Triaxial Cell
UTR-0457Hoek Triaxial Cell NX (54.74 mm dia.)
UTR-0458Spare Sealing Sleeves, NX (54,74 mm dia.)  for Hoek Triaxial Cell
UTR-0460Hoek Triaxial Cell HQ (63,5 mm dia.)
UTR-0461Spare Sealing Sleeves, HQ (63,5 mm dia.) for Hoek Triaxial Cell


  • Hoek Cells comprise a steel body complete with two quick release self-sealing couplings for oil inlet and outlet, two steel hollow end caps which are screwed to the cell body, a rubber sealing sleeve, an upper and a lower loading caps with spherical coupling, an upper and a lower spherical seat pistons, two pieces end caps and two load speeders.




Dimensions350x150x200 mm350x150x200 mm350x150x200 mm
Weight (approx.)15 kg15 kg16 kg

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