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10 metre coil

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The following range of rubber tubing is available from Laboratory Equipment Supplies:

LMH611 Rubber Tubing N5, 5mm id Type 10 10 metre coil
LMH612 Rubber Tubing N6.5, 6.5mm id Type 15 10 metre coil
LMH613 Rubber Tubing N8, 8mm id Type 20 10 metre coil
LMH614 Rubber Tubing N10, 10mm id Type 25 10 metre coil
LMH615 Rubber Tubing N12.5, 12.5mm id Type 30 10 metre coil
LMH616 Rubber Tubing N16, 16mm id Type 35 10 metre coil
LMH617 Rubber Tubing N20, 20mm id Type 40 10 metre coil
LMH618 Rubber Tubing N25, 25mm id Type 45 10 metre coil
LMH620 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H3 10 metre coil
LMH621 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H5 10 metre coil
LMH622 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H6.5 10 metre coil
LMH623 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H8 10 metre coil
LMH624 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H10 10 metre coil
LMH625 Heavy Wall Rubber Tubing H12.5 10 metre coil

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.