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Grid Sieve Lid to EN933-3 (LAG086)

Grid Sieve Lid to EN933-3 (LAG086)

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For use with 300mm x 300mm grid sieves

Code LAG086
Other Standards EN933-3
Tariff 960400 00 0
  • A range of 14 different grid sieves are available from Laboratory Equipment Supplies. The frames are painted steel with stainless steel bars.
  • Nominal dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 75mm high.
Part No Slot width Passing Retained
LAG070 2.5mm 5mm 4mm
LAG071 3.15mm 6.3mm 5mm
LAG072 4mm 8mm 6.3mm
LAG073 5mm 10mm 8mm
LAG074 6.3mm 12.5mm 10mm
LAG075 8mm 16mm 12.5mm
LAG076 10mm 20mm 16mm
LAG077 12.5mm 25mm 20mm
LAG078 16mm 31.5mm 25mm
LAG079 25mm 40mm 31.5mm
LAG080 25mm 50mm 40mm
LAG081 31.5mm 63mm 50mm
LAG082 40mm 80mm 63mm
LAG084 50mm 100mm 80mm

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