Fully integrated Rebar Detector and Covermeter (UTC-3010)

Fully integrated Rebar Detector and Covermeter (UTC-3010)

Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures (NDT) Hardened Concrete Testing

Code UTC-3010
Standards BS1881-204, DIN1045, SN 505 262, DGZfP B2


  • UTC-3010 Fully integrated Rebar Detector and Cover meter is a versatile rebar detector system.
  • This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids.
  • Rebar diameter can also be estimated within the specified testing range.
  • Rebar Detector combines these unique features in a compact, light device that allows the user to operate this rebar detector with one hand making the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process.


  • A rebar detector with real-time visualization of the rebars beneath the instrument
  • Visual indication of rebars in close proximity
  • Rebar Detector is a rebar detector with the ability to identify the mid-point between rebars as well as the orientation of rebars
  • Optical and acoustical indication of rebar location and minimum cover alert
  • This rebar detector offers neighbouring bar correction
  • Regional settings (metric, imperial)
  • Cordless and single-handed operation
  • Switchable display backlight for dark environments
  • A rebar detector with icon-based language independent menus
  • Start-up test kit allows user to familiarize him/herself with all functions in a comfortable environment, wasting no time on site


  • Rebar detector
  • Measurement of concrete cover
  • Measurement of rebar diameter
  • Checking for minimum cover
  • Map out the rebar grid and cover for corrosion studies
  • Rebar grid examination for planned load changes on the structure
  • As optional, the rebar locator can store 49’500 measurements.

Technical Specifications:

Measuring Range of Cover Up to 180 mm
Power source 2 x 1.5 V AA (LR6) batteries
Voltage range 3.6 V to 1.8 V
Battery Lifetime Backlight off 50 h
Battery Lifetime Backlight on 15 h
Temperature range -10º to 60º C (14º to 140º F)
Humidity range 0 to 100% rH

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