Flow Table (UTCM-0660A)

Flow Table (UTCM-0660A)

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Code UTCM-0660A
Standards ASTM C230; EN 459-2, 1015-3

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UTCM-0660A Cement Flow Table ASTM, metric
UTCM-0661A Cement Flow Mould ASTM, metric
UTCM-0662A Tamper ASTM Hardwood 13x25x150 mm
UTCM-0663A Motorized Cement Flow Table ASTM
UTCM-0660E Cement Flow Table EN
UTCM-0661E Cement Flow Mould EN
UTCM-0662E Tamper EN Ø 40×200 mm 250 gr
UTCM-0663E Motorized Cement Flow Table EN
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0663A UTC-0663E
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0663A-N  


  • There are two models of the Cement Flow Table according to ASTM and EN standard.
  • Both are used for determining the consistency of mortar, lime and cement specimens.
  • Also, manual and motorized models are available.
  • The hand operated model is fitted with a hand wheel.
  • The motor operated model is driven by a motor speed reducer through a mechanical coupling at the rate of 1 revolution per second.
  • The number of drops is pre-set on a counter and the machine stops automatically at the end of the cycle.
  • EN model, the table is manufactured from stainless steel and has a 300 mm diameter table.
  • The conical mould is made of brass and has dimensions of 100 mm base dia. x 70 mm top dia. x 60 mm height.
  • ASTM model; the table is manufactured from brass and has 254 mm diameter.
  • The conical mould is made of brass has dimensions of 100 mm base dia. X 70 mm top dia. X 50 mm height.
  • Both models are supplied complete with brass flow mould and tamper.






Table Diameter 254 mm 300 mm
Cone Base/Top Diameter 100.0 mm /70.0 mm 100.0mm /70.0 mm
Cone Height 50.0 mm 60.0 mm
Drop Height 12.7 mm 10.0 mm
Dimensions Manual 260x260x270 mm
Motorized 470x360x350 mm
Weight (approx.) Manual 13 kg
Motorized 36 kg
Power 180 W (Motorized)

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