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Falling Head Permeability Set (UTS-1320)

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Soil Permeability & Dispersibility


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UTS-1320Falling Head Permeability Set
UTS-1322Falling Head Permeability Cell 100 mm dia.
UTS-1324Wooden Stand with 4 Manometer Tubes
UTS-1326Soaking Reservoir Tank


  • The UTS-1320 Falling Head Permeability Set is used to study the behaviour of soil, particularly fine-grained soils such as clay-like or silty soils, with respect to water flow.
  • The UTS-1322 Falling Head Permeability Cell is manufactured from plated steel with an inside diameter of 100 mm.
  • The UTS-1324 Wooden Stand is fitted with 4 glass Manometer Tubes of each 1500 mm long with inside diameters of about 21 mm, 12 mm, 5 mm and 3.5 mm.
  • All tubes have connection valves.
  • The UTS-1326 Soaking Reservoir Tank is manufactured from plated steel with an over-flow tube and is used for containing the permeability cell during the test.
  • Optional Equipment for De-Airing Water should be ordered separately.

The UTS-1320 Falling Head Permeability Set is supplied complete with:

  • Ø 100 mm Falling Head Permeability Cell
  • Wooden Stand with 4 manometer tubes
  • Soaking Reservoir Tank
  • 3 m Hose (UTGP-1440)
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTS-1322150x150x260 mm3 kg
UTS-1324230x100x1700 mm6.6 kg
UTS-1326320x320x250 mm3.6 kg

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