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The Sedi-Rate system allows a rapid and safe execution of the ESR test according to the Wester-green method.

Code LPW88435
  • The system is composed of a tube in PP (12×86 mm) with label, complete with pink-cap containing 0,2 ml sodium citrate.
  • The pipette in PS is silk-screened with a graduation scale from “0” to “180” and is provided with a fibre cap (allowing the blood to reach the 0 level) and with a little piston allowing a quick filling of the pipette thanks to the pressure exerted within the tube.
  • Test procedure:
  1. fill the test tube with whole blood up to the mark on the label (1 ml)
  2. mix delicately by turning it over
  3. insert the pipette until the blood reaches the 0 level
  4. wait 60 minutes and read.
Code Description
LPW88435 Test tube in PP 12×86 mm with pink cap complete with Code LPW88437
LPW88436 10 place numbered rack for SEDI-RATE system
LPW88437 Pipette in PS

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