Engineering drawing: casting (TZ 200.02)

Engineering drawing: casting (TZ 200.02)

from raw casting to finished machine part, GUNT course: engineering drawing

Code TZ200.02


  • A bearing housing made from sand-cast aluminium is used in teaching as an example to illustrate the subject of cast parts in a detailed and practical way.
  • TZ 200.02 comprises a raw casting of a bearing housing, manufactured and polished in a foundry, and a finished part of the same bearing housing, which has been machined after being cast.
  • The machined part has also been prepared as a cutaway model.
  • The two components can be used to describe the process from forming to machining.
  • An ideal learning situation would be to allow two or three students to study the model set together.

Technical Details:


  • part of the GUNT course on engineering drawing
  • graphical representations: from raw casting to finished machine part
  • 2 models showing the development of the manufacturing process: 1 raw casting, 1 cutaway model
  • instructional material incorporates action-oriented and interdisciplinary forms of teaching

Dimensions & Weight:

  • L x W x H: 100x100x125mm (per model)
  • Weight: approx. 3kg

Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  • engineering drawing:
    • cast drawings and their features: machining allowances, mould draughts, shrinkage, sectional views
    • from casting to finished part: production-based and standards-compliant dimensioning for the subsequent machining
  • technology:
    • manufacture of castings in sand casting; production processes
    • tool and machine selection; longitudinal measuring exercises
    • machine elements and their function

Scope of Delivery:

  • 2 models
  • 1 set of instructional material

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