EN 12390-4 Compression Testing Frames for Cubes and Cylinders (UTC-5727)

EN 12390-4 Compression Testing Frames for Cubes and Cylinders (UTC-5727)

Compression Testing Frames

Code UTC-5727
Standards EN 12390-4, EN 12390-3

Product Codes:

UTC-5727 2000 kN Capacity Compression Testing Frame, for Cubes and Cylinders, EN
UTC-5737 3000 kN Capacity Compression Testing Frame, for Cubes and Cylinders, EN
UTC-4682 Pedestal for 2000 kN and 3000 kN Compression Testing Frames with Welded Walls


  • UTC-5727 and UTC-5737 compression testing frames for cubes and cylinders consist of rigid welded steel walls, a loading cylinder assembly, lower and upper (spherically-seated) loading platens. acc. to EN standards.
  • EN compression testing frames provides the stability needed for accurate and repeatable test results over the years of operation.
  • The frames are supplied with factory calibration certificate for force transfer stability and the self-alignment of the upper loading platen conforming to EN 12390-4.
  • Any hydraulic power pack with control and read out unit and a pressure transducer for measuring the loads, can be positioned on the right-hand side of the load frame for easier accessibility, increased productivity and for safer operations.
  • All frames have a single acting up stroking ram and also have front and rear protective doors and limit switch for piston stroke for safety.
  • The diameter of the piston is designed to work with the load capacity.
  • There is a low friction coaxial PTFE seal between the cylinder and the piston fitted to the cylinder.
  • The lower loading platens are provided with concentric centring lines and fixture for centring specimens
  • UTC-4682 Pedestal that is made of steel to facilitate the user’s placement of specimens in the frames for compression test should be ordered separately.
  • See the below table for supplied items with the frames.


Models UTC-5727 UTC-5737
Product Photo
Capacity 2000 kN 3000 kN
Frame Type Welded Steel Welded Steel
Lower Bearing Block, Dimensions (D) Ø 300 mm Ø 300 mm
Upper Bearing Block, (With Spherically Seating Assembly) Dimensions (C) Ø 300 mm Ø 300 mm
Surface Hardness of Bearing Blocks  53 HRC  53 HRC
Flatness Tolerance 0,03 mm 0,03 mm
Piston Diameter 250 mm 300 mm
Piston Stroke 50 mm 50 mm
Maximum Vertical Clearance

Between Bearing Blocks (E)

350 mm 350 mm
Horizontal Clearance (B) 360 mm 415 mm
Sizes of Specimens for Cubes (up to) 200 mm (**) 200 mm (**)
Sizes of Specimens for Cylinders (up to) Ø160×320 mm Ø160×320 mm
Dimensions (wxlxh) (Axd*xF) 440x455x11450 mm 505x550x1205 mm
Weight 755 kg 990 kg
Pedestal (Optional) UTC-4682 UTC-4682
(d*) depth      

(**) Limited by capacity of the frame

The frames for cubes and cylinders are supplied complete with;

• 100mm, 50mm and 30mm height Ø205 mm distance pieces

• UTC-4622E – Fixture for Centring Specimens, compatible with Ø300mm lower loading platen for 100mm and 150mm cubes, Ø100mm and Ø150mm cylinders

• Removable transparent front and rear safety doors

Appropriate Distance piece/s for the cylinder and cube specimens with the height of lower than 150mm should be ordered separately.

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.