Elastic line of a beam (SE110.14)

Elastic line of a beam (SE110.14)

Beams of different materials: steel, brass and aluminium



  • Beams are important design elements in mechanical engineering and building construction that can deform under load.
  • Beams are subjected to load transversely in the axial direction, which leads to deflection.
  • In linear–elastic material behaviour, the bending line, also known as elastic line, is used to determine the deflection of beams.
  • Deflection can be determined at any point on the beam using the influence coefficients and Maxwell–Betti’s commutative theory.
  • The SE 110.14unit is used to determine the deformation of a bending beam.
  • To do this, a beam is studied under varying loads, different support conditions and static indeterminacy.
  • The elastic line is determined by calculation and verified by experiment.
  • The experimental setup includes three beams made of different materials.
  • Two pinned supports and one fixed support with clamp are available.
  • The dial gauges record the resulting deformation of the beam.
  • The parts of the experiment are clearly laid out and securely housed in a storage system.
  • The entire experimental setup is constructed in the SE 112mounting frame.

Technical Details:


  1. determine the elastic line
  2. beams of different materials: steel, brass and aluminium
  3. 2 pinned supports
  4. 1 fixed support with clamp
  5. dial gauges for recording the deformation of the beam
  6. storage system for parts
  7. experiment setup in the SE 112 mounting frame

Technical Data:


  • steel, LxWxH: 1000x20x3mm
  • brass, LxWxH: 1000x20x6mm
  • aluminium, LxWxH: 1000x20x6mm


  • 2x 1N (hanger)
  • 10x 1N
  • 6x 5N

Measuring ranges:

  • travel: 0…20mm
  • graduation: 0,01mm

Dimensions & Weight:

  • L x W x H: 1170x480x178mm (storage system)
  • Weight: approx. 42kg (total)

Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  • elastic line under varying load
  • elastic line under various support conditions
  • demonstration of Maxwell–Betti’s theorem
  • elastic line and support forces in statically indeterminate systems

Scope of Delivery:

  • 3 beams
  • 2 pinned supports
  • 1 fixed support with clamp
  • 2 dial gauges with bracket
  • 1 set of weights
  • 1 storage system with foam inlay
  • 1 set of instructional material


·         Required: SE 112 Mounting frame

·         Optional: SE 110.30 Dial gauges


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