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Duriez Compression Test Sets (UTAS-0490)

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Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures

StandardsNF P98-251-1 and 4; EN 12697-12 Method B

Product Codes:

UTAS-0490     Duriez Compression Test Set, 80 mm dia.

UTAS-0495     Duriez Grooved Piston Set, for UTAS-0490

UTAS-0496     Duriez Non-Grooved Piston Set, for UTAS-0490

UTAS-0503     Duriez Compression Test Set, 120 mm dia.

UTAS-0505     Duriez Grooved Piston Set, for UTAS-0503

UTAS-0506     Duriez Non-Grooved Piston Set, for UTAS-0503


  • The test sets are used to determine the physical and mechanical properties of bituminous mixtures, especially for the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens.
  • One set for preparing 80 mm. specimens, the second set for preparing 120mm. specimens according to the maximum aggregate upper sieve size.
  • All parts are made from steel protected against corrosion.
  • The compression test has to be performed with an electromechanical universal test machine such as UTM-8300.SMDL2 or UTM-8300.SMPR model machine (300 kN Electromechanical Universal Test Machine.
  • UTM-8300 can also be used for compaction transaction acc. to EN 12697-12 (Method B) for preparation of test specimens.
  • Grooved or Non-Grooved piston set includes upper and lower pistons.
  • Grooved piston set for cold mixes and Non-Grooved piston set for hot mixes should be ordered separately.

Duriez compression test sets are supplied complete with:

  • Mould
  • Container
  • Piston
  • 2 pcs Half Spacers

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