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DURAN® Tamper Evident Screw Caps (LGW1017526)

from PP, for laboratory bottles with DIN thread

  • The tamper-evident screw caps are available with either a plug seal or a PTFE faced silicone cap liner (peroxide cured silicone).
  • The integral-coloured plastic ring tears when the cap is first opened, and is retained on the bottle neck.
  • Therefore, it can be clearly seen if the bottle has been opened after being first sealed.
  • After the initial removal, both caps will still function as “normal” screw cap.
  • Typical applications: secure storage and transport / shipping of valuable media.

Cat. No.

DIN Thread (GL)d (OD) (mm)h (mm)Colour

Pack Unit

Plug sealing

10 175 26



PTFE faced silicone cap liner

11 558 86



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