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DURAN® SUPER DUTY Erlenmeyer Flask (LGW212272402)

Wide neck, with reinforced rim

  • The DURANR SUPER DUTY products are characterized by a higher mechanical strength achieved by reinforcing the rim.
  • As a result of this modification, the impact strength is improved, and the risk of accidental breakage is significantly reduced.
  • Application note: To avoid breakages due to thermal stress, uniform and slow heating of SUPER DUTY products is recommended.
Cat. No.Capacity (mL)d (OD) (mm)d1 (OD) (mm)h (mm)Pack Unit
21 227 24 02100643410510
21 227 36 04250855014010
21 227 44 035001055017510
21 227 54 081 0001315022010

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