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DURAN® Screw Cap with Temperature Probe Holder (LGW299912801)

GL 45

  • The DURAN® temperature probe holder GL 45 consists of a stainless-steel holder that is permanently fitted into a blue DURAN® polypropylene GL 45 cap.
  • The holder will accept the 6.0 mm metal temperature measuring probes that are commonly used in laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers.
  • Many DURAN® customers use an autoclave to sterilise the liquid contents of DURAN® original GL 45 laboratory bottles.
  • Autoclaves use a metal temperature measuring probe to ensure that the correct
  • sterilization temperature Has been reached.

Cat. No.

DIN Thread (GL)d (OD) (mm)h (mm)h, (mm)

Pack Unit

29 991 28 01



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