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DURAN® Premium Cap (LGW1088679)

PFA, with PTFE faced silicone cap liner

  • Cap is moulded from a pigment free polymer to reduce the risk of leaching.
  • Wide usable temperature ranges from – 196 °C to + 200 °C.
  • Very high chemical resistance.
  • Complete with colourless PTFE faced silicone cap liners for high leak tightness.
  • The matching PFA pouring ring permits drip-free pouring is available separately.
  • Replacement PTFE faced silicone cap liners are available (platinum-cured silicone).
  • Typical applications: Due to its exceptional properties, it is ideal for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, storage of aggressive materials, and demanding sterilisation processes such as hot air sterilization or depyrogenation.

Cat. No.

DIN Thread (GL)d (OD) (mm)h (mm)Colour

Pack Unit

Screw cap

10 886 79

11 296 00253222colourless


Pouring ring

10 886 78



Replacement cap liners

29 248 14 07

29 248 29 094543.13.1


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