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DURAN® HPLC Bottle (LGW1129821)

with DIN thread, GL 45

  •  With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking, in fired-on, highly durable ceramic.
  • Complete system comprising: DURAN® pressure plus+ laboratory bottle with 4-port screw cap (PP); four screw connections (black, M8 thread) and silicone seals.
  • Connection of different hose diameters (1.6mm and 3.2mm) as well as sterile pressure equalization sets (syringe filter 0.2µm) is possible.
  • Unused ports can be sealed with silicone blanking seals.
  • Typical applications: safe transfer of liquid media within a closed and sterile system (evaporation is reduced). 

Cat. No.



DIN Thread


d (OD)






11 298 21HPLC Bottle complete50045861762
11 298 20HPLC Bottle complete1 000451012252
11 298 12Screw cap HPLC, GL 45, 4 ports, complete (GL 45 screw cap, 4 x M8 black screw caps, 12 x silicone seals for 1.6, 3.2 mm tubing or blanks)    2
11 298 13Replacement parts for HPLC screw cap includes M8 caps and 1.6, 3.2 mm and blind silicone seals    1
11 378 01Pressure compensation set 4-port cap (incl. 0.2 μm syringe filter)    1
11 298 19Spare syringe filter for pressure compensation, 0.2 μm    2

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