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DURAN® GLS 80® High Temperature Screw Cap (LGW 11 658 88)

with cap liner, PSU material

  • The material used is a special compound based on polyarylsulphone.
  • Consequently, the chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of the material are noticeably improved and matched to laboratory requirements.
  • Thanks to the thread, the DURAN® GLS 80® bottle can be opened or closed with only a three-quarter turn.
  • The seal, which is coated on both sides with PTFE, ensures the bottle can be tightly sealed (cap liner: Platinum-cured silicone).
  • A matching PTFE pouring ring is also available, permitting clean, drip-free use. 
Cat. No.Threadd (OD) (mm)h (mm)Pack Unit
screw cap
11 658 888088.5405
Pouring ring
11 673 07806.855
Replacement cap liner
11 529 2180793.15

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