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DURAN® GLS 80® Connection System (LGW1160175)

screw cap GLS 80®, with NS 29/32, with four ports GL 18 thread

  • Materials used: PP and PTFE.
  • Flexible modular system with a central ground joint 29/32 fitting.
  • Five different tubing diameters (3.2 mm; 6.0 mm; 8.0 mm; 10.0 mm and
  • 0 mm) can be connected.
  • Sterile pressure equalisation is possible by using the syringe filter.
  • Unused ports can be closed with a blind cap.

Typical applications:

  • safe transfer of liquid media within a closed and sterile system (evaporation is reduced).
Cat. No.Threadd (OD) (mm)h (mm)Pack Unit
11 601 758087942

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