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DURAN® GL 45 Screw Cap with two hose connections (LGW293102807)

  • GL 45 cap connection system for the easy connection of flexible tubing to the
  • DURAN® GL 45 bottles.
  • The two polypropylene connectors have angled top and
  • straight underside connectors.
  • Grey polypropylene cap centre rotates freely, allowing the bottle to be unscrewed without the need to disconnect the tubing.
  • The cap is ideal for use with soft elastic tubing that has an inner diameter of 6 – 9 mm silicone tubing.
  • An optional venting connector is available with, or without a syringe
  • Highly versatile as the screw cap is based on the standard GL 45 thread.
  • Temperature resistant up to + 140 °C.
  • Fully autoclavable and washer-proof.
  • Typical applications: Possible biotech applications include the transfer of sterile
  • media from one container to another using a peristaltic pump.

Cat. No.

DescriptionDIN Thread




29 310 28 07

DURAN® Screw Cap GL 45 with 2 hose connections EDPM Gasket452
11 298 25Syringe Filter (0.2 μm) with connector, non-sterile 0.2 μm filter and female Luer Slip to 5.8 mm male connector, with O-ring seal


11 298 29

Syringe Filter Connector only (without syringe filter), female Luer Slip to 5.8 mm male connector, with O-ring seal2
11 527 5240 mm ring gasket seal for GL 45 multifunction caps. Circular EPDM Seals 1.5 mm thick with a 40 mm outer and 29 mm inner diameter.


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