Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

DURAN® Engler Flask (LGW216532404)

with beaded rim, side outlet

  • Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these flasks ideal for heating applications and distillations.
  • DURANR Engler Distilling Flasks comply with the requirements of ASTM D86 and DIN EN ISO 3405 for the atmospheric distillation of petroleum products.
Cat. No.Capacity


d (OD)


d1 (OD)


Side arm

d2 (OD) (mm)

Side arm

l (mm)





21 653 24 041006620610021510
21 653 28 071256922710021510
21 653 29 011507320610022310
according to ASTM D86 and DIN EN ISO 3405
21 654 28 08125692271002152

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