Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

DURAN® Dimroth Condenser (LGW242546101)

with 2 standard ground joints, and 2 screw-on plastic hose connections

  • The dimroth condenser comprises a coil condenser located within a tube.
  • This condenser type has a larger heat exchange surface and thus a better cooling effect than the Liebig or Allihn condenser.
  • Typical applications: product and reflux condenser
Cat. No.ThreadSocket

size (NS)



Jacket length




24 254 61 011414/2314/23160Special size, non-DIN size.1
24 254 71 061424/2924/29250Special size, non-DIN size.1
24 254 72 091429/3229/32250Special size, non-DIN size.1
24 254 82 051429/3229/32400 1

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