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Ductility Testing Machines (UTB-1400)

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Analysis of Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

StandardsEN 13398; ASTM D113, D6084; AASHTO T51; NF T66

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UTB-1400Ductility Testing Machine
UTB-1420Ductility Testing Machine with a Cooler
UTB-1402ADuctility Briquette Mould, Brass, ASTM D113 and AASHTO T51
UTB-1402NFDuctility Briquette Mould, NF
UTB-1403ADuctility Briquette Mould, Chrome Plated Brass, AASHTO T301
UTB-1405Ductility Mould Base Plate, For One Mould, Brass
UTB-1405-3Ductility Mould Base Plate, For Three Moulds, Brass
UTB-1406ADuctility Mould, Brass, ASTM D6084, AASHTO T300
UTB-1406EDuctility Mould, Brass, EN 13589
UTB-1408Ductility Mould, Brass, EN 13398
Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.UTB-1400UTB-1420
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph.UTB-1400-NUTB-1420-N


  • The UTB-1400 Ductility Testing Machine is used to determine the ductility of bituminous materials in a briquette mould by measuring the breaking elongation at a constant speed of 50 mm/min.
  • It is designed for testing 3 specimens simultaneously.
  • The Internal tank is made of stainless steel.
  • The bath is fitted with an immersion heater in order to obtain (in normal conditions), the 25°C test temperature.
  • Each machine comprises speed control and water circulator to maintain the homogenous water temperature.
  • UTB-1400 and UTB-1420 have the same specifications, except that UTAS-0420 contains an internal cooler.
  • It is not possible to convert UTB-1400 to UTB-1420
  • Moulds and mould base plates should be ordered separately.
Dimensions300x1850x550 mm
Weight (approx.)80 kg
Power350 W

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