Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Dry Chemicals (CHEMd1)



  • Most of the items are available in the following pack sizes: 100gm, 250gm and 500gm
•      Agar agar•      Aluminium powder
•      Aluminium grit•      Aluminium sulphate
•      Ammonium carbonate•      Ammonium chloride
•      Ammonium dichromate•      Ammonium sulphate
•      Ammonium thiocyanate•      Barium chloride
•      Borax powder•      Boric acid
•      Calcium carbonate chips•      Calcium carbonate powder
•      Calcium chloride•      Calcium hydroxide (lime)
•      Calcium hypochloride•      Calcium metal
•      Calcium nitrate•      Calcium sulphate
•      Charcoal lumps•      Chromic acid
•      Citric acid•      Cobalt chloride
•      Copper ii carbonate•      Copper ii chloride
•      Copper ii nitrate•      Copper ii oxide
•      Copper sulphate•      Copper turnings
•      Eosin•      Gelatine powder
•      Glucose powder•      Graphite powder
•      Iodine crystals•      Iron filings
•      Iron iii chloride (ferric)•      Iron ii sulphate (ferrous)
•      Iron ii sulphide (ferrous)•      Iron iii nitrate (ferric)
•      Iron iii oxide ferrous•      Iron powder
•      Lead nitrate•      Lithium metal
•      Magnesium carbonate•      Magnesium chloride
•      Magnesium nitrate•      Magnesium oxide
•      Magnesium powder•      Magnesium sulphate
•      Magnesium ribbon•      Manganese dioxide
•      Manganese sulphate•      Mercury ii chloride
•      Mercury ii oxide (red)•      Mercury ii oxide (yellow)
•      Mercury metal•      Naphthalene
•      Oxalic acid•      Pepsin
•      Phenol crystals•      Phenolphthalein
•      Phosphorous (red)•      Potassium aluminium
•      Potassium bromide•      Potassium carbonate
•      Potassium chloride•      Potassium chromate
•      Potassium dichromate•      Potassium hydroxide flakes
•      Potassium hydroxide pellets•      Potassium iodate
•      Potassium iodide•      Potassium metal
•      Potassium nitrate•      Potassium permanganate
•      Potassium tartrate•      Potassium tartrate
•      Silica gel•      Silver nitrate
•      Sodium acetate•      Sodium bicarbonate
•      Sodium bisulphate•      Sodium carbonate
•      Sodium chloride•      Sodium citrate
•      Sodium hydroxide flake•      Sodium hydroxide pellets
•      Sodium metal•      Sodium nitrate
•      Sodium nitrite•      Sodium oxalate
•      Sodium sulphate•      Sodium sulphite
•      Sodium thiosulphate•      Starch
•      Sudan ii•      Sulphur powder
•      Tartric acid•      Tin powder
•      Zinc carbonate•      Zinc chloride
•      Zinc granular•      Zinc nitrate
•      Zinc oxide•      Zinc powder
•      Zinc Sulphate 

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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