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Disposable planar, clear Petri dishes in PS.

  • Available in several diameters, ventilated and unventilated, aseptic or radiation- sterilized.
  • Styles with 2, 3 and 4 separate compartments.
  • Designed for routine lab work, bacteriological research.
  • CE Marked.
  • With aeration notches on the lid to prevent condensation formation.
  • Without aeration notches to avoid agar desiccation after incubation.
  • Gas exchange outside Petri dish is reduced thanks to the absence of notches.
CodeØ mmType 
LPW35890with triple ventsAseptic
LPW36690with triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW359100with triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW36860with triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW36060without triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW361120without triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW36290with 2 sectionsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW36390with 3 sectionsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW36490with 4 sectionsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW365150with triple ventsBeta-ray sterilization
LPW369120 x 120square with triple ventsAseptic
LPW38065ContactBeta-ray sterilization
LPW336060without triple ventsAseptic

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.


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