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Comtest digital readout, motorised power pack to ASTMC39, AASHTO T22, UNI6686P1+2, NF P18-411, ISO7500, UNE 88304, EN12390 P4, BS1881 P115

Code LCT315
British Standard BS1181-115
Other Standards EN12390-4
Tariff 902480 90
  • Designed to test 100mm, 150mm and 200mm cubes and cylinders up to 320mm long
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 12390-4 in terms of Force measurement &the stringent stability, alignment & restraint requirements of the Load Frame.

    UKAS Calibration

  • Laboratory Equipment Supplies offers a full on-site calibration service to BS EN 12390-4and BS EN7500-1.
  • Compact Welded steel load frame with a high degree of mechanical stability
  • Ball-seated upper platen
  • Lower platen, positively located on the loading ram, marked to allow centring of both cubes and cylinders
  • Loading ram with cover to prevent debris damaging it during testing and a limit switch to prevent it from exceeding the maximum limit of travel
  • Frame fitted with mesh guards at front and rear to protect the operator
  • Front guard is hinged for ease of access
  • Supplied with 300mm diameter upper and lower platens and 200mm diameter distance pieces to allow for testing cubes and cylinders


Comtest Digital Readout – for accuracy of results and simplified operation Microprocessor based electronics provide:

  • Data monitoring and capture of load signals for:
  • Compression range 0 to 2000 kN & 3000kN Flexural range 000.00 to 100.00 kN
  • 2 transducers ports for up to 2 frames or low load work in a standard frame
  • Calculation of stress upon failure
  • Transducer configuration, calibration and linearization facilities for Compression and Flexural input ranges.
  • Data logging: up to 100 test results, time stamped and with all relevant test data results.
  • RS232 Serial communications port for printing test results information or downloading to a PC. 4 row x 20 column LCD screen, with LED back-light
  • 16-key pad for set up and usage
  • Built in battery backed real-time calendar/clock
  • All data-entry and editing functions are available via the 16-key membrane keypad on the front of the digital readout unit.

Motorised power pack

  • with hydraulic loading allowing fine control, accurate pace regulation and rapid platen approach facility
  • Operates on 220V 50/60Hz (110V version available)

Specifications (frame only)

Height 920mm
Width 400mm
Depth 440mm
Maximum vertical clearance 375mm
Maximum ram travel 50mm
Distance Pieces supplied 2 x 50mm, 2 x 80mm

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