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Digital Platform Scales (UTW-0700)



Product Codes:

UTW-0700Digital Platform Scale 150 kg x 5 g
UTW-0705Digital Platform Scale 150 kg x 10 g
UTW-0708Digital Platform Scale 150 kg x 50 g


The UTW Digital Platform Scale Series provides a reliable macroscale weighing facility up to 150 kg maximum capacity with 5 g, 10 g and 50 g readability values, for fast and economical weight measurements. These modern balances are designed to perform precise and accurate measurements under the heaviest industrial conditions.

Capacity150 kg150 kg150 kg
Readability5 g10 g50 g
Platform Size400×500 mm400×500 mm400×500 mm
Dimensions800x480x230 mm800x480x230 mm800x480x230 mm
Weight (approx.)19,5 kg19,5 kg19,5 kg
Additional Power SupplyPb DC 9V AdapterPb DC 9V AdapterPb DC 9V Adapter

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