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Digital Efflux (Standard TAR) Viscometer (UTAS-1200)

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Bitumen and Bituminous Binders

StandardsEN 12846, 13357

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UTAS-1200Digital Standard Tar / Efflux Viscometer, 220-230 V 50-60 Hz
UTAS-1202Go/Not Go Gauge for 10 mm Orifice, for UTB-1208
UTAS-1204Go/Not Go Gauge for 4 mm Orifice, for UTB-1210
UTAS-1206Go/Not Go Gauge for 2 mm Orifice, for UTB-1212
UTAS-1208Spare Cup 10 mm dia. for UTAS-1200
UTAS-1210Spare Cup 4 mm dia. for UTAS-1200
UTAS-1212Spare Cup 2 mm dia. for UTAS-1200
UTGT-2010Thermometer IP 8 C, 0 to 45°C
UTAS-1216100 ml Cylinder with Graduation at 20, 25 and 75ml
UTAS-1218Light Mineral Oil, 5L, EN 12846- ve 2, UTB-1200


  • The UTB-1200Digital Standard Tar / Efflux Viscometer is used for determining the viscosity of cutback, fluxed bituminous binders and bituminous emulsions.
  • The Viscometer consists of a tank fitted with a thermostat, a rheostat, an agitator, an immersion heater to heat the water to the required temperature and a cooling coil for connection to the water supply.
  • The temperature is checked with a thermometer capable of measuring in the 0-45°C range.
  • Cups, thermometer (UTGT-2010), Go/Not Go Gauges and light mineral oil should be ordered separately.

Required Cup Sizes According to Different Standards:

  1. EN 12846: 2, 4- and 10-mm diameter
  2. EN 13357: 4- and 10-mm diameter
Dimensions262x262x550 mm
Weight (approx.)10 kg
Power300 W

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