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Density (Unit Weight) Measure (UTC-0603E)

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Fresh Concrete Testing

StandardsEN 12350-6, 1097–3

Product Codes:

UTC-0603EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 3 lt. Capacity, EN
UTA-0705EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 5 lt. Capacity, EN
UTC-0607EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 7 lt. Capacity, EN
UTC-0610EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 10 lt. Capacity, EN
UTC-0615EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 15 lt. Capacity, EN
UTA-0720EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 20 lt. Capacity, EN
UTC-0630EDensity (Unit Weight) Measure 30 lt. Capacity, EN


  • Density (Unit Weight) Measures are used to determine the weight per cubic meter of freshly mixed and compacted concrete.
  • Manufactured from heavy gauge steel complying with the related standard.
  • Available in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 litre capacity models according to the requirements of different standards.
  • Coated against corrosion.
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTC-0603E150x200x200 mm4.5 kg
UTA-0705E160x160x250 mm5 kg
UTC-0607E250x180x250 mm6.5 kg
UTC-0610E250x200x300 mm8.5 kg
UTC-0615E250x300x320 mm13 kg
UTA-0720E260x260x365 mm12 kg
UTC-0630E300x360x420 mm16 kg

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