Crack Microscope (UTC-3150)

Crack Microscope (UTC-3150)

Protection and Repair of Concrete Structures (NDT) Hardened Concrete Testing

Code UTC-3150

Product Codes:

UTC-3150: Crack Microscope 40x


  • UTC-4050 Crack Microscope is a high definition device which is used for measuring crack widths both in concrete and other structures like masonry walls.
  • Consists of an adjustable lamp unit and a knob for focusing the image.
  • The 360° turning ability of the eyepiece enables the alignment with the direction of the crack or pitch subject to examination.
  • The battery-operated microscope has 40x magnification and 4 mm measuring range with 0.02 mm subdivisions.
Magnification 40 X
Measuring Range 4 mm
Subdivision 0.02 mm
150x80x45 mm (packed)
Weight (approx.)
550 gr.

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