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Constant Head Permeability Set, BS (UTS-1300B)

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Soil Permeability & Dispersibility


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UTS-1300BConstant Head Permeability Set, BS, for Ø 80 mm (nominal) Transparent Plastic Cell
UTS-1301BConstant Head Permeability Set, BS, for Ø 120 mm (nominal) Transparent Plastic Cell
UTS-1302BConstant Head Permeability Cell, BS, 80 mm (nominal) dia. Transparent Plastic Body
UTS-1303BConstant Head Permeability Cell, BS, 120 mm (nominal) dia. Transparent Plastic Body
UTS-1305BWooden Stand with 3 Manometer Tubes
UTS-1308Constant Level Water Tank, 7 L.
UTA-0645Tamping Rod Ø 8×300 mm


  • The UTS-1300B and UTS-1301B Constant Head Permeability Set are used to study the behaviour of soil, relatively coarse-grained soil such as sands and gravel, in its natural conditions with respect to water flow.
  • Two models are available according to cell dimensions.
  • UTS-1302B cell has 3 pressure points and UTS-1303B cell has 12 pressure points (6 points for take-off and 6 points blanked-off)
  • UTS-1305B Wooden stand is fitted with 3 glass manometer tubes each being 1000 mm long.
  • UTS-1308 Constant Level Tank 7 L, made of transparent plastic, is used to provide constant water level in the manometer tubes.
  • Optional Equipment For De-Airing Water and Tamping Rod should be ordered separately.

The Constant Head Permeability Sets are supplied complete with:

  • Ø 80 mm or Ø 120 mm Permeability Cell with Pressure Points at 3 different levels and 2 pcs. Wire Gauze (fit for the preferred cell diameter.)
  • Constant Level Water Tank (UTS-1308)
  • Wooden Stand with 3 manometer tubes (two pcs. for UTS-1301B)
  • 3 m Hose (UTGP-1140)
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTS-1302B140x220x420 mm3.5 kg
UTS-1303B180x250x640 mm7 kg
UTS-1305B220x70x1700 mm5.6 kg
UTS-1308300x200x250 mm3 kg
UTA-0645Ø 8×300 mm0.5 kg

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