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Constant Head Permeability Cells, ASTM (UTS-1302A)

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Soil Permeability & Dispersibility

StandardsASTM D2434

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UTS-1302AConstant Head Permeability Cell, ASTM 80 mm dia. (nominal) with transparent plexy body
UTS-1303AConstant Head Permeability Cell, ASTM 120 mm dia. (nominal) with transparent plexy body
UTS-1305AWall Type Metal Manometer Panel with Two Tubes
UTS-1306ASliding Tamper, ASTM,
for Constant Head Permeability Test
UTS-1309AConstant-Head Filter Tank, 4 L.

(Supplied without sand)

UTS-1311AConstant Head Permeability Cell, ASTM 63 mm (2.5”) dia. with metal body
UTS-1312AConstant Head Permeability Cell,
ASTM 76 mm (3.0”) dia. with metal body
UTS-1313AConstant Head Permeability Cell,
ASTM 114 mm (4.5”) dia. with metal body
UTS-1314AConstant Head Permeability Cell,
ASTM 152 mm (6”) dia. with metal body
UTS-1315AConstant Head Permeability Cell,
ASTM 229 mm (9”) dia. with metal body
UTGP-1140Plastic Hose, Ø8 mm OD, 3 m


  • Constant Head Permeability Cells are used to study the behaviour of soil, relatively coarse-grained soil such as sands and gravel, in its natural conditions with respect to water flow.
  • The cells have a transparent plexy or metal body with 2 pressure points at different level and aluminium base and head.
  • UTS-1305A Wall type metal manometer panel is fitted with 2 manometer tubes each being 1000 mm long. Each tube has its own valve.
  • UTS-1309A Constant-Head Filter Tank, made of transparent plexy, has separate valves for inlet, outlet and overflow.
  • Supplied with metal carrying case for wall mounting.
  • The Manometers Panel, Sliding Tamper, UTS-1309A Constant-Head Filter Tank, Plastic Hose and The Equipment for De-Airing Water should be ordered separately.

The Constant Head Permeability Cells are supplied complete with:

  • Perforated plates and No.100 screen (each 2 pcs.)
Product CodeDimensionsWeight (approx.)
UTS-1302A140x220x420 mm3.5 kg
UTS-1303A180x250x640 mm7 kg
UTS-1305A150x40x1200 mm4 kg
UTS-1306A70x70x640 mm2.2 kg
UTS-1309A205x210x290 mm2.6 kg
UTS-1311A120x200x305 mm2.4 kg
UTS-1312A140x220x330 mm3.2 kg
UTS-1313A200x270x370 mm5.1 kg
UTS-1314A240x310x420 mm9.1 kg
UTS-1315A330x400x510 mm21 kg

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