Consolidation (UTS-0300)

Consolidation (UTS-0300)

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Soil Classification
Code UTS-0300
Standard BS 1377:5; ASTM D2435, D3877, D4546; AASHTO T216; CEN ISO/TS 17892-5

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UTS-0300 Front Loading Oedometer (Consolidation)
UTS-0302 Bench for Consolidation, 3 Oedometer Capacity
UTS-0307 Consolidation Cell for High Pressure,Ø 50 mm
UTS-0309 Consolidation Cell for High Pressure,ASTM Ø 63.5 mm (2.5”)
UTS-0313 Consolidation Cell for High Pressure,BS/EN, Ø 75 mm
UTS-0317 Consolidation Cell for High Pressure,Ø 101,6 mm (4″)
UTS-0321 Consolidation Cell for High Pressure,Ø112,8 mm
UTGM-0120 Analog Dial Gauge, 30×0.01 mm
UTGM-0148 Digital Dial Gauge 25×0.01 mm, LCD display
UTGM-0152 Digital Dial Gauge 12.7×0.001 mm, LCD display
UTGM-0060 Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer,10×0,001mm
UTGM-0062 Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer,25×0,001mm
UTGM-0072 High Accurate Strain Gauge Based Displacement Transducer, 10×0,001 mm
UTGM-0078 High Accurate Strain Gauge Based Displacement Transducer, 50×0,001 mm
UTCU-0320 Interface Unit with 4 Channel for Data Acquisition
UTCU-0325 Interface Unit with 4 Channel for Data Acquisition
UTS-0330 Utest Software for Consolidation Test
  • The UTS-0300 Front Loading Oedometer is rigidly constructed to ensure minimum frame distortion.
  • The frame is designed to load the specimen through a lever arm assembly and one of three alternative beam ratios as 9:1, 10:1 and 11:1.
  • The beam is fitted with a counter balance weight and beam support jack.
  • The cell platform will accept the complete range UTEST consolidation cells and is fitted with a central spigot to ensure accurate centring of the cell under the loading.
  • The UTEST fixed ring consolidation cells are manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials and conform to the requirements of the relevant standards.
  • An integral water reservoir is incorporated in the cell which allows the specimen to be inundated when required.
  • All cells are supplied complete with upper and lower porous disc, pressure pad and cutting (specimen) ring.
  • The One-dimensional Consolidation test is used to determine the consolidation characteristics of soils of low permeability.
  • Tests are carried out on specimens prepared from undisturbed samples.
  • Data obtained from these tests together with classification data and a knowledge of the soils loading history, enables estimates to be made of the behaviour of foundations under load.
  • Consolidation cell, dial gauge or displacement transducer and data logger, bench, weights, apparatuses for prepare Consolidation samples and calibration disc should be ordered separately.
Data Acquisition & PC Software:
  • 4 or 8 channel interface units (UTCU-0320 or UTCU-0325) are used for recording displacement data over time.
  • High resolution: 260.000 points.
  • Serial port for PC and printer connection.
  • CPU card by microprocessor 32-bit ARM risk architecture.
  • 4 or 8 analogical channels for displacement transducers.
  • Utest Consolidation Software (USOFT-0300) is developed according to ASTM D2435, D3877, D4546, BS 1377:5 and AASHTO T216 standards to be used with UTCU-0320 and UTCU-0325.
  • Displacement transducers are connected to interface unit and interface unit is connected to PC by RS232 serial output.
  • The software is capable monitoring the change of displacement data over time.
  • User can initiate and end data recording process by using the software.
  • The user can determine and assign different time intervals (or select fixed time intervals) and stresses for the calculation of the consolidation test data.
  • The consolidation software has different data recording columns each assigned to the consolidation cells and they can be set to different normal load (stress) values.
  • The user can also manually enter the vertical displacement data to these columns for correction.
  • The graphs of time-displacement pairs are drawn in both square-root time and logarithmic time scales.
  • In addition to these visualizations, the software can calculate required parameters such as √t90, √t50, √t100, mv, Cv, etc. according to the related standards indicated above.
  • Recorded data, graphs, calculations and all other generic data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further evaluation.
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Graphical outputs and reports can be saved as MS Excel worksheet
  • Flexibility in edit report and graph templates
Dimensions 750x850x1400 mm (3pcs UTS-0300 + UTS-302 + UTS-0376 + Accessories)
Weight (approx.) 180 kg (3pcs UTS-0300 + UTS-302 + UTS-0376 + Accessories)
P. Name


(Ø50 m)


Ø63,5mm (2,5″)








Upper and Lower

Porous Disc

UTS-0330 UTS-0332 UTS-0334 UTS-0336 UTS-0338
Spare Cutting Ring UTS-0308 UTS-0312 UTS-0314 UTS-0318 UTS-0322
Calibration Disc, stainless steel UTS-0344 UTS-0346 UTS-0348 UTS-0350 UTS-0352
Apparatus for Prepare Consolidation Sample UTS-0356 UTS-0358 UTS-0360 UTS-0362 UTS-0364
P. Code Sets of Weight for Consolidation
UTS-0340 16 kgf Set (2) 5 kg, (1) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg
UTS-0342 32 kgf Set (1) 10 kg, (3) 5 kg, (2) 2 kg, (1) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg
UTS-0344 50 kgf Set (3) 10 kg, (2) 5 kg, (3) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg
UTS-0346 64 kgf Set (4) 10 kg, (3) 5 kg, (2) 2 kg, (3) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg
UTS-0348 80 kgf Set (6) 10 kg, (2) 5 kg, (3) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg, (3) 0,5 kg, (2) 0,25 kg
Product Code Slotted Weight
UTS-0380 125 g
UTS-0382 250 g
UTS-0384 500 g
UTS-0386 1 kg
UTS-0388 2 kg
UTS-0390 5 kg
UTS-0392 10 kg
UTS-0394 4 kg
UTS-0396 8 kg

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