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To test for dynamic workability to NF P18-452

Code LCN037
Weight (kg) 80
Tariff 902480 90
  • The concrete workability meter (also known as plastometer) is designed to test concrete for dynamic workability. It is suitable for field and laboratory tests.

    Used to check:

  • Concrete mix consistency, especially water content
  • Optimum proportioning of mix constituents (sand, gravel, water, cement)
  • Possible improvement when admixing a plastifier
  • Comparison of two concrete types
  • The unit consists of a prismatic receiver divided into two unequal volumes by a removable partition, and an electric vibrator.
  • The fresh concrete is poured into the larger volume space, the separating partition is removed, and the vibrator starts automatically.
  • The test consists of measuring the time required for the concrete to reach a uniform distribution in the receivers.
  • Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz 1ph – 300 W
  • Dimensions: 820mm x 420mm x 410mm
  • Weight: 80kg

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