Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

Climatic Freeze/Thaw Chamber to EN1367-1 (LAG500)

520 litre capacity

Other StandardsEN1367-1
Weight (kg)150
Tariff902480 90
  • Used to check the behaviour of aggregates during freeze and thaw cycle tests.


  • This model features solid state controlled, hot gas bypass refrigeration control method and/or electric heat.
  • This model also includes, auto-cycle defrost with short temperature rise, possible to 0°C (dependent upon cabinet loading).
  • 1 hinged door with key lock, 3 adjustable open wire-type shelves, one 2” insulated access port, heavy-duty casters, 9’ power cord, and operations manual (on CD) included.


  • All controls/instrumentation and sensors are calibrated to NIST traceable standards.
  • Chamber features Microprocessor controller with PID, Auto tuning, programmable (hi/lo) alarms, ability to ramp/soak, process variable and set-point variable offset, dual display of actual and set-point temperature.
  • Controls are able to be quickly exchanged for future upgrades or repair. NIST traceable sensors, calibrated to controller.


  • 300 series brushed finish stainless steel exterior front, brushed finish aluminium exterior sides, corrosion-resistant, coated aluminium interior and stainless-steel floor with coved corners.
  • Construction of liner is in accordance with NSF standards. Interior dimensions: 27½” D x 22½” W x 58″ H. Exterior dimensions: 31″
  • D x 27½” W x 77¼” H.


  • Temperature performance exceeds ICH/FDA guidelines concerning uniformity requirements.
  • Temperature Range of -23°C to 50°C
  • Programmable cycle time.
  • Control of temperature at sensor of ±0.2°C.
  • Approximate ramping ability: 1°C per 2 minutes from -23°C to +23°C and back, unloaded. Note: Some defrost tolerance may be required for extended operation (more than 48 hours) below 4°C.

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