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Cement Samplers (UTCM-0001)

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Physical and Chemical Properties

StandardsEN 196-7; ASTM C183; AASHTO T127

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UTCM-0001Packaged Cement Tube Sampler, Ø38×580 mm
UTCM-0002Bulk Cement Sampler, Ø35×1500 mm


  • The UTCM-0001 Packaged Cement Tube Sampler is made of brass and used for collecting cement samples from packages.
  • The UTCM-0002 Bulk Cement Sampler is used to collect cement samples from bulk storage or bulk shipments.
  • Sampler consists of 2 brass concentric tubes and each tube has slots.
  • The inner tube rotates to close the slots and take the sample.
DimensionsUTCM-0001Ø38×580 mm
UTCM-0002Ø35×1500 mm
Weight (approx.)UTCM-00011.25 kg
UTCM-00022.47 kg

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