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To BS 1881: Part 128

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  • The RAM (Rapid Analysis Machine) is a floor mounted unit for determining the cement content of fresh concrete.
  • RAM has been used on hundreds of sites during the past twenty years and has proved to be a quick and accurate method of measuring the cement content of fresh concrete.
  • Its use is covered by Testing concrete – BS 1881 : Part 128 : 1997 Methods for analysis of fresh concrete.
  • The RAM operating cycle is automatically controlled by a solid-state sequence timer.
  • First the machine is been primed with water and loaded with an 8kg sample of fresh concrete.
  • After the loading hopper is removed, water is pumped through the sample at a carefully controlled rate to wash the cement-sized particles up and over the top of the elutriation column.
  • Three channels at the top of the elutriation column direct 10% of the suspension through a 150micron vibrating sieve into the conditioning vessel, the remainder going to waste.
  • Chemical agents are added to the conditioning vessel and stirred into the suspension. These chemicals cause the cement particles to cling together and sink quickly to the bottom of the constant volume vessel.
  • Excess water is siphoned off and a buzzer sounds to signal the end of the cycle.
  • The constant volume vessel and contents are removed, weighed on a balance and the cement content of the original concrete sample determined from a calibration graph.
  • The total time from loading the RAM to reading off an accurate answer from the graph is less than 10 minutes.
  • Associated tests are available to determine the water/cement ratio and the quantities of cement replacement materials.
Dimensions 660 x 780 x 1500mm high
Weight 145kg
Electrical supply 110v, 60Hz or 50hz, 1ph
Water requirement 80 litres / test
Options :
  • Chemical Agent pack (suitable for 75 tests)
  • Transformer (240 / 110V).

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