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CAP-O-TEST (LES64-034-881-s)

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CAPO-TEST provides a pull-out test system for accurate on-site estimates of compressive strength.

LES64-034-881-sSILVER, 15/16 mm, SINGLES
LES9,231424BLUE, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231426BLUE, 19/20 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231444RED, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231446RED, 19/20 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231461YELLOW, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231339YELLOW, 19/20 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231464GREEN, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231340GREEN, 19/20 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231375SILVER, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231379SILVER, 19/20 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231466BLACK, 15/16 mm, 100/PK
LES9,231341BLACK, 19/20 mm, 100/PK

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