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Calibration Weight Sets (UTW-0900)



Product Codes:

UTW-0900Calibration Weight Set M1 Class, (1g-1kg) Stainless Steel
UTW-0901Calibration Weight, 500 g, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0902Calibration Weight, 1 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0903Calibration Weight, 2 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0904Calibration Weight, 5 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0905Calibration Weight, 10 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0906Calibration Weight, 20 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0907Calibration Weight, 25 kg, M1 Class, Cast Iron
UTW-0920Calibration Weight, Set F1 Class, (1g-1kg) Stainless Steel


  • The UTEST range of calibration weights are used for the periodical verification of your laboratory balances.
  • The UTW-0900 M1 Class and UTW-0920 F1 Class Calibration Weight are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Except weight set, other M1 class weights are manufactured from cast iron coated with black epoxy-based paint.
  • Traceable calibration certificates should be ordered separately if required.
  • The Calibration Weight Sets are supplied complete with a wooden box.
Calibration Weight Sets (UTW-0900 M1 Class and UTW-0920 F1 Class)
Weight1 g2 g5 g10 g20 g50 g100 g200 g500 g1 kg 

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