Bulk Density Measures (UTA-0701E)

Bulk Density Measures (UTA-0701E)

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Mechanical and Physical Properties

Code UTA-0701E
Standards EN 1097–3, 12350-6

Product Code:

UTA-0701E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 1 lt. EN
UTA-0603E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 3 lt. EN
UTA-0705E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 4 lt. EN
UTA-0607E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 5 lt. EN
UTA-0610E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 10 lt. EN
UTA-0615E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 15 lt. EN
UTA-0720E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 20 lt. EN
UTA-0630E  Density (Unit Weight) Measure 30 lt. EN


  • The Density Measures are manufactured from heavy duty steel complying with the related standard.
  • Available in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 lt capacity models to comply with the relevant standards.
  • The measures are coated against corrosion.
  Dimensions Weight (approx.)
UTA-0701E 100x170x150 mm 2.8 kg
UTA-0603E 150x210x210 mm 3.7 kg
UTA-0705E 170x240x250 mm 5.0 kg
UTA-0607E 190x260x270 mm 6.3 kg
UTA-0610E 210x290x310 mm 7.7 kg
UTA-0615E 250x340x330 mm 10 kg
UTA-0720E 270x370x380 mm 12 kg
UTA-0730E 310x410x430 mm 20 kg

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