Belt drive kit (PT 500.14)

vibrations in belt drives



  • When properly designed, manufactured, and correctly set; belt drives are low-maintenance, low-noise, long-life drive units.
  • It is important that the belt should not vibrate and/or slip.
  • The PT 500.14accessory setup can be used to investigate conditions that cause vibration or slip.
  • The effect of disparate elongation on multiple belt drives can be demonstrated by means of individually-adjustable tensioning rollers.
  • The belt drive is a dual belt drive with a belt tensioner.
  • It can, however, also be operated with only one belt.
  • An eccentrically-bored small belt pulley and a damaged V-belt enhance the range of possible experiments.
  • The brake and PT 500.05load unit is required to conduct the experiment.
  • The accessory set PT 500.14can also be used to apply transverse loads in other experiments.
  • The accessory set is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system PT 500.
  • To measure and evaluate the experiment, the computerised vibration analyser PT 500.04is required.
  • It includes all the necessary sensors, a measuring amplifier and analysis software to record the vibration phenomena.

Technical Details:


  • investigation of the vibrations of belt drives
  • dual belt drive with V-belt
  • belt drive can be operated with one belt
  • individually-adjustable tensioning rollers
  • belt drive with radial run-out
  • damaged V-belt
  • belt pre-tension measuring unit 0…150N
  • suitable for applying transverse loads on other systems within the accessory sets of the PT 500 series
  • brake and load unit PT 500.05 required for experiments on the belt drive
  • accessory set for PT 500 machinery diagnostic training system
  • stackable storage system to house the components

Technical Data:

  • V-belt pulleys:
    • large: Ø=125mm
    • small: Ø=63mm
    • small, eccentric: Ø=63mm
  • Axle centres: 300mm
  • V-belt:
    • SPZ, approx. 10mm wide
    • belt length: 912mm

Dimensions & Weight:

  • L x W x H: 600x400x170mm (storage system)
  • Weight: approx. 6kg

Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  • influence of belt tension on vibration behaviour
  • influence of speed on vibration behaviour
  • influence of pulleys running untrue, and off-track running
  • power split across multiple belt drive
  • influence of slip-on vibration running spectrum
  • comparison between fault-free and damaged belts
  • understanding and interpreting frequency spectra
  • use of a computerised vibration analyser

Scope of Delivery:

  • 3 V-belts
  • 3 belt pulleys
  • 1 tensioning roller set
  • 1 belt pre-tension measuring unit
  • 1 storage system with foam inlay
  • 1 manual


  • resonance and critical speed


  • Required:
  • PT 500 Machinery diagnostic system, base unit
  • PT 500.05 Brake & load unit


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