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Code LPW11100/03
  • Diamond (DS) and square shaped (SQ) lightweight weighing boats provide an easy and inexpensive system for weighing any medium.
  • They offer the following benefits:
  1. Non contaminating (made of HIPS with hydrophobic surface)
  2. Easily fashioned to make a funnel shape
  3. The DS model is available in either white (03) or black (09) so the operator can easily see that no trace of sample remains adhering to the boat
  4. Reproducible tare weight: batch to batch variation is normally less than 5%
  5. Antistatic


Code Mod. Cap. ml Colour Dim. mm Weight gr. Pkg. pcs.
LPW11100/03 DS 5 white 31x53x5,3 0.30 1000
LPW11100/09 DS 5 Black 31x55x4,6 0.30 1000
LPW11101/03 DS 30 White 56x85x14,5 1.0 500
LPW11101/09 DS 30 Black 56x85x14,5 1.0 500
LPW11102/03 DS 100 White 96×134,5×18,5 2.90 250
LPW11102/09 DS 100 Black 96×134,5×18,5 2.80 250
LPW11103 SQ 7 White 43x43x8 0.50 1000
LPW11104 SQ 100 White 78,5×78,5×23 2.30 1000
LPW11105 SQ 250 White 134x134x23 5.60 1000

Due to the continuous development of our products, the goods supplied may vary in detail to that illustrated on this Website.