Automatic Vicat Apparatus (UTCM-0550E)

Automatic Vicat Apparatus (UTCM-0550E)

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Code UTCM-0550E
Standards EN 196-3, 13279-2, 480-2; ASTM C191, C187; AASHTO T131

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UTCM- 0550E Automatic Vicat Apparatus (VICAMATIC-2) EN, 110-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph
UTCM- 0550A Automatic Vicat Apparatus (VICAMATIC-2) ASTM, 110-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph


  • The setting time determination of cement/mortar/gypsum is one of the most important parameters for the quality inspection and verification.
  • The machine is based on the innovative CVI-TECH philosophy.
  • On the machine, a needle (or a probe) drops freely into a cement sample at regular intervals and in fixed positions.
  • Penetration depth is measured by a sensor with 0,1 mm resolution.
  • Along with hardening process development the penetration depth decreases, when it matches some thresholds pre-defined by Standards initial and final setting times are measured and recorded.
Main Features:
  • Functional and ergonomic design based on the innovative CVi-TECH philosophy.
  • Advanced electronics technologies providing superior performances and total flexibility combined with simplicity in use
  • Easy-to-use double interface: local mode, with large size 4,3″ touch screen colour display and remote mode with PC
  • Supplied complete with PC software for data processing VICASOFT-BASIC
  • With PC software VICASOFT-PREMIUM (optional) up to 32 independent units can be connected to a single PC via LAN port and hub. All units are remotely controlled.
  • Adopting the multi-test network concept laboratory productivity is maximized
  • Integrated graphic printer is available as optional accessory showing both results in numerical format and setting time plot
  • Easy setting and storage of user-defined test profiles allowing quick test start
  • Large accessibility to the test space
  • Practical in-water testing accessory (optional)
  • Automatic determination of initial and final setting time
Technical Specification:
  • Conforming to EN 196-3, 13279-2, 480-2, ASTM C191, C187
  • Large size 4,3″ touch screen colour display
  • LAN port for direct connection to PC of a single unit or connection to a LAN hub for creating a network with up to 32 independent units all controlled by a single PC. 1 LAN cable is included
  • USB port for data storage on pen-drive (included)
  • Test procedures can be customized and stored to match user-defined requirements
  • Can incorporate an integrated graphic printer showing test result and setting time plot
  • Large test space with easy accessibility
  • Automatic calculation of initial and final setting time at programmable penetration depth limits
  • Wide range of accessories including EN and ASTM/AASHTO parts, in-water testing kit, needle cleaning device, integrated printer, probes for testing consistency and gypsum
  • Minimum penetrations rate: 10 seconds
  • Penetration measurement by encoder
Firmware Specifications:

Easy programming of customized test profiles, recallable for future tests, including:

  • adjustable test start delays
  • penetration points positions
  • manual or automatic penetration rate
  • free or driven dropping mode
  • holding intervals inside the sample
  • automatic end- test detection
  • automatic measurement of initial and final setting time
  • Test data: test number, operator, client, date, hour, cement type, water percentage, delay
  • Easy calibration menu
  • Clock calendar
  • Multi-language

UTCM-0551: Accessory for Needle Continuous Cleaning and In-Water Testing

UTCM-0552: LAN hub for PC connection of up to 7 VICAMATIC- 2 units or up to 6 units in case of multi-hub network. LAN cable from hub to PC is included. Each VICAMATIC-2 unit is supplied complete with LAN cable.

UTCM-0553: Upgrading of a VICAMATIC-2 unit for incorporating a graphic printer into the head. Test settings and results are plotted both as numerical and graphical format including penetration depth/time diagram. The upgrading shall be factory installed.

UTCM-0554: Needle for Final Setting Test EN

UTCM-0555: Cylindrical Probe for Consistency Test

UTCM-0556: Additional Weight 700 g,

UTCM-0557: Water thermostatic unit for VICAMATIC -2. Up to 2 units may be connected. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

UTCM-0558: Conical penetration probe 8 mm dia x 50 mm complete with 100g calibrated weight for gypsum testing to EN 13279

UTCM-0566: Cylindrical probe and addition weight for consistency test to ASTM C807.

UTCM-0567: 2 mm dia. needle to ASTM C807

UTCM-0568: Brass cylindrical mould to ASTM C807

UTCM-0559: VICASOFT-PREMIUM Software for PC connection of up to 32 VICAMATIC-2 units including remote control of each unit, data acquisition – processing – filing, printout of test reports.

  • Communication via LAN port (each VICAMATIC-2 unit is supplied complete with LAN cable).
  • The connection of one VICAMATIC-2 unit is direct via the PC LAN-port, for more VICAMATIC-2 units (up to 32) one or more LAN hubs are required with total number of ports equal (or bigger) to the number of VICAMATIC-2 units included in the network.
  • LAN hubs are not included.
Spare Parts:

UTCM-0560        1,13 mm dia. needle for initial setting time test to EN

UTCM-0561        1 mm dia. needle for setting time test to ASTM/AASHTO

UTCM-0562        Plastic mould to EN

UTCM-0563        Plastic mould to ASTM/AASHTO

UTCM-0564        Glass base plate

UTCM-0565        Spare base plate for in-water testing kit

UTCM-0571E     Centring ring for EN vicat mould

UTCM-0571A     Centring ring for ASTM vicat mould

  • UTCM-0550E is supplied complete with EN 196-3 accessories: initial setting time needle 1.13 mm dia., mould and PC software VICASOFT-BASIC.
  • UTCM-0550A is supplied complete with ASTM C191 accessories: initial setting time needle 1.00 mm dia., mould and PC software VICASOFT-BASIC.
  • Other accessories should be ordered separately for the tests.
Dimensions 200x400x410 mm
Weight (approx.) 10 kg
Power 50 W

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